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A third term..

Coventry City Centre is now into its third term as a Business Improvement District (BID). Here in Coventry the BID has been vital in helping to maintain a vibrant city centre. The BID's ring fenced budget allowed service levels to continue whilst private and public sector budgets have been cut. Services including greening, cleansing, marketing and crime reduction, all key elements in making the city centre a safe and attractive destination have been maintained and improved.

Coventry City Centre is home to over 600 customer-facing businesses, all of whom contribute financially towards the BID. This equates to almost half a million pounds a year and makes a real difference to the trader and visitor experience. A number of exciting projects are set to take shape over the next five to ten years, building on the work already completed in Broadgate and the improved connection to the railway station. This will play a major part in developing the city centre as a centre for events which is important in providing a reason for people to visit Coventry.

The BID will be vital in funding projects that will showcase the city centre as being open for business over the next five years and it has already proved it is the most appropriate vehicle for businesses to invest in their city centre for two clear reasons: i. the financial framework is fair to everyone involved as all businesses contribute an amount directly measured against their business rates ii. businesses have the opportunity to raise and implement their own ideas

The BID's Vision will be: "To make Coventry City Centre a more attractive place to visit and do business."

The BID’s four main objectives are to:

Understand the customer, Improve perception, Provide the experience and Retain and grow our customer base

Projects will continue to focus on Marketing, Cleansing, Greening and Security.

Please click here to read a copy of our business plan

 2013 BID Renewal...........It's a YES!!

We are pleased to announce that businesses in Coventry city centre will continue to support the Business Improvement District for a further 5 years. The results of the 2013-18 BID renewal ballot are as follows:

Total number of votes cast   294  41% 
Aggregate Rateable Value   £18,757,900   -----
Total votes cast in favour  244  83%
Aggregate rateable value of each hereditament voting in favour  £17,305,750  92%

Please click here to read the formal declaration of result

Coventry BID
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